Save over $400 a year with this showerhead used by the Royal Australian Air Force




You know how you HATE getting those outrageous water and power bills?

Well, everybody does… And that’s only a small part of the water crisis our planet is going through.


If you had an eShower, that wouldn’t even be an issue!

It is a revolutionary new water saving shower with 70% saving of precious water and electricity.


e-Shower could very well be the simplest, most affordable and yet most effective solution. Period.


With eShower, you can:

…Save on Water, Save Energy, Save on Costs

…Enjoy guilt free shower with 70% Less Water Used

…Install it in less than 5 minutes, no plumbing skills required

…Say goodbye to clogged, calcified, or corroded showerhead FOREVER

…Enjoy a 30 year return MONEY-BACK guarantee. Yep, that’s how good the product is!


E-shower uses the 200 year old Venturi effect to draw a tiny jet of air in the shower head, forcing
the water into extreme turbulence inside the e-Shower – not atomising but aerating the water
with billions of nanobubbles – each surrounded by a layer of water.

It’s like turbo jet engine technology, for your shower!


No super tech bits and pieces. No over the top fancy design. Just proven, one piece perfect design


Save over $400 per year


Americans use well over 100 gallons of water every day, averaging a 10 minute shower.
That’s over 35,000 gallons a year!


With the cost of water in California right now that’s more than $430 per year, per person
in your family!


Now do the math on e-Shower saving 70% of the water used (and heated!) when it
comes to your electric power bills.

Sounds like a neat deal, huh? 


e-Shower will save (conservatively) two thirds of your usual shower water!

  • In litres (Aussie measurement), a standard shower uses 20 litres per minute.
  • Typical Aussie ‘water saver’ shower heads deliver 9 litres per minute.
  • e-Shower delivers 7 litres.

If you don’t yet have a water saver, you’ll save 13 litres every minute. If you do have one
you’re going to save about another 30% AND I promise.. a much better shower!


In fact, e-Shower is so affordable it will pay for itself in only a few months!


Here’s what people say about it:

“E-showerheads have been utilised within the Department of Defence since circa 1993
as a water and electrical/gas energy management saving execrise in accomodation blocks.

The e-Shower shower heads will not only deliver the designed reduction in energy
consumption, operating costs reduction and green house emissions but also provide
secondary quantifiable reductions.”
K.I. Black – Contract Officer – Australian Department of Defence

“Since we purchased the e-Shower roses from you, the economic gain for our business has
been invaluable and we have also been very pleased with the positive comments we have
had from our guests.”
H. Smith – Hunter Valley Motel

“I installed long arm diamond shower heads in both the bathroom and ensuite of each of
my seven units. After four months of use I am very happy with the water saving, and
equally important all my tenants are happy with the performance of their showers.”
P.R, Nobby Beach, Queensland

“I have been using your e-Shower heads for about 5 years. It is the best bathroom fitting
I have ever bought. The shower we get is unbelievably powerful for such a low water
volume. I think the shower would be indistinguishable from an old fashioned head if one
did not see the size of the unit. Thank you for the design and I am about to buy two more
units for main and guest bathrooms.”


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